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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Health Care

Even our President says something must be done to make sure that all our citizens have health care. Please help pick from the list---or give ideas of your own.

A. Fuck the poor uninsured walmart workers---if they wanted health care they should have gone to college.

B. Convert all of the uninsured to be Christian Scientists---if they don't belief in meds--problem solved.

C. Give a tax break to encourage the poor to buy health insurance--uhh--most of them don't make enough to pay any taxes anyway. Oh well---it sounded good when Bush said it.

D. Tax the shit out of those of us who do have benefits by calling it income, and then redistribute the money so we all can be poorer. At least the doctors and insurance companies can get richer.

E. Hey---if you really think medical care is as important as national parks and the post office---move to Canada!

hey madman!! of these choices, i pick C. there has to be a way, though, mitt romney did it for his state, i'm gonna look it up & find out how!
Abolish the insurance companies because they are the ones who have artificially inflated the healthcare costs anyway.
Uh... I went to college. But as a self-employed person I don't have group coverage and due to health issues like asthma I pay OUT THE ASS for insurance and meds. So I vote for:

P. Fuck the pricks that charge me so fucking much.
Hey there. I haven't dropped by forever it seems...

I think C is the best of choices you listed, but not ideal.

Insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies need to be regulated, and something needs to be done about drug prices.

I'm glad I did 21yrs in the military if, for no other reason, the health care coverage I get in retirement.
e is looking better every minute
Lawyers and insurance...huh? Ad banks/credit cards and what do you have? Lower middle class becoming lower class and the middle class taking their place. I look at libby smashing her head against the wall as I post my comment, very symbolic.
Hey! I pick E !
Hey, you still around??
A. - most of them die or go to college after 2 years of working at walmart

B. you would have to find 80% them and give them legal documentation... sounds like a hassle

C. They already have it... its call 9mm.. protect ya health fool

D. better push the kid to start liking the game Operation

E. or if you want to see how fucked up ntl med care can be... try the UK
I really missed you Madman. Too bad I don't have any Stinkhorns to post for you.
Ms P
Knock, knock??? Miss you Madman!!!
I hope you're doing well. I sure do miss your sarcasm.
Madman.. You still out there? We miss you..
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