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Friday, October 06, 2006


I Am Sick again---Of Washington DC

I have voted Republican in the last four elections---but it sickens me that the current issue in our Capital is being fought along party lines. IF any elected official knew about a sexual predator and did nothing to stop it---THEY SHOULD BE IMPRISONED -- NO EXCEPTIONS!!

These are our elected leaders! They should never be apathetic about any crime.

If you knew that a teenage boy or girl was being preyed upon by your neighbor---would you call authorities? Of course you would!

I have known victims of rape, incest, and sexual abuse---these crimes damage the soul. If we cannot trust our elected officials to set an example by preventing these atrocities---then this country has lost any righteousness it may have ever had. Our only redemption is to punish this behavior harshly! Any Republican Or Democrate who knew about this perverts actions, and did nothing to stop it, should be put behind bars. And anyone who minimizes this scandal to control political damage--- should join them there!

Maybe if a few of our Congressmen were daily victims of prison rape---then the rest wouldn't keep their mouths shut just to protect a seat!

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