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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Gone To The Beach

Will be back next Wednesday

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Engagement Time


I am thinking of proposing to my girlfriend. How can I be sure she is the right one?


Dear Unsure

Well---I can't really tell you if she is the right one. However, I can give you five warning signs if she is the wrong one:

1. If she goes through your wallet while you are having sex.
2. If she was ever crowned Miss. PMS.
3. If she gets calls late at night that start with, "Hello--I got this number above the urinal..."
4. If she ever laughs and tells you, "you ain't gotta use a rubber---you couldn't give me anything I ain't already got!"
5. If she tells you your cock tastes sweeter than your brother's...

Madman's Advice Blog

Monday, April 10, 2006


A Thief In The Night??

Dear Madman:

Some neighbors down the street have hung little robots (or Wizard of Oz Tinmen as a friend pointed out) on the tree in their front yard. My inner (delinquent) child wants to sneak down there one night and steal them. What the fuck should I do?


Dear juvenile,

After seeing the picture, I realize why someone invented "Home Owners Associations." If you steal those robots I am certain someone's wife will thank you. So---Go For It! Err---but don't rat on me--I might get charged with conspiracy for giving this advice.

Madman's Advice Blog

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