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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Darlin' Rae Ann

Rae-Ann sent me a picture but no bio--WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! Madman shall write the bio:

Rae-Ann would argue with the Pope about birth control. She would have no chance of changing his mind--butt fuck--she would still argue. I do enjoy reading her blogg---even though she pisses me off. We do agree that Led Zepplin rocks, and that no person ever over-dosed on marijuana.

If you believe that Rae-Ann should be MS. BLOGGER 2006---leave a comment. If she wins it will be a stepping stone to the Supreme Court.

OH---I think she has a crush on me!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Why Y

This is Y's Worlds short bio:

This pic was taken a couple years ago by my bestest buddy Ney, on a plane back home from a 3 day throw down at the Oz Fest. I think I should win, because if you look very carefully you will see a pubic hair in between my two front teeth. We brought food on board that we had purchased at the airport and this was my free gift with purchase. I would like world peace & all, but full body hair nets, worn by all who serve food to the public would be nice >too.>Sorry it took so long, I had to find the one that was most flattering.

If Y meets your criteria foe MS. BLOGGER 2006----then please leave a comment!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Jungle Jane

Here's a picture of me on new year a few weeks back. Notice the wife-beater suntan I am sporting. Makes you wonder why I bothered with the prettyfrock.My bio:

Jungle Jane was born in Africa and now lives in Australia. She has a singing voice that breaks glasses and an accent that will make you weep. She is the only known 40 year that can still do the splits. Her greatest gift is that she can down a beer in under 4 seconds. Proof of this feat will be posted on her blog shortly. Jungle Jane would like to enter the Most Piercings and Tattoos section of the competition. url: http://jjjane.blogspot.com/

Now if you think Jane should be MS BLOGGER 2006---leave a comment!

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