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Thursday, January 26, 2006


My Heart Is Cracked

Sorry for not blogging lately. I was ill---then I came back to a shit-load of work.

HOWEVER, Today I thought I would check my email for photos for the Blogger Beauty Contest. I was not disappointed in the quality of pictures---but I only received a mere half dozen.

It made me think of all the beautiful bloggers who ignored my plea for pics. Rae-Ann with her bedroom eyes, Whistler with her sexy style, Rib with her girl next door beauty, Mel with her hard body, Jill with legs that stretch to heaven, Sam with her HNT, Rachel with her fiery look, and all the wonderful beautiful bloggers who have been shy up to this point. I sure would love to receive a photo from all of you. Don't make me beg Darlings.

So --If this doesn't work---well--er---I'll just copy and paste.

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