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Wednesday, December 27, 2006



Being a Lobbyist has become a very lucrative business in Washington DC. They have thrown a few in jail and are prosecuting a congressman or two---but that hasn't fixed the problem of having a government that is for sale.

So--what should we do about this problem. Pick from one of the choices:

A. Let them do as they wish. It is free enterprise at its best.

B. Limit the amount they can donate to campaigns--but continue to allow the expensive lunches and trips.

C. Make them stay in the lobby where they belong.

D. Make it illegal for the lobbyist to donate any money, any food, or any trips.

E. Make it a death penalty offense to give or take a bribe involving a government official! Kill a few Senators and lobbyists --and then the problem will go away!

First we gotta solve the problem with bums on the street. Then we can go for the bigger bums...
i vote option 'E'!! how much easier could it get??
Yeah, "E" would be the most effective! ;-)
I hope your 2007 is a wonderful one! Happy New Year!
I'm for "E", too. Of course that was a no-brainer. Happy New Year, MM.
Happy New Year Madman!
I vote for the last one, but can we castrate for lesser offenses? That sounds like fun to me!
hello Madman :-) I'm back :-)
Woow.. is almost like a year but i finally found you again, Hello again Mr Madman..
damn , i like e again
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