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Thursday, December 14, 2006


I Am Running For President

Since President Bush is now a lame-duck--I , Madman, will now actively seek my parties nomination for President. However, first I will need to name this newly formed party. I was considering "shots for tots"- but other than sounding funny --it made no since at all. My wife suggested "The No Chance in Hell Party", but it sounded rather negative.

So---I need some suggestions. PLEASE!

After we get the name thing settled I am going to contact my old friend Tom DeLay for some fund raising advice.

LOL, well, I once met Jim Trafficant at a jeannie C riley concert so I have connections two *wink* let me know if I can help. As for a name of the party, umm...reindicrat? The Reindicrat Party....yeh, that's my suggestion.
You got me vote. Anyone but BUSH.
well, madman, let's keep it simple...'the no bullshit party'?
I wish my wits were working better today. I'll try to think of a fun, catchy new party name.
Maybe you can have Jeb Bush help count your votes.
you got my vote, no matter the name!
Theresa--I love jeannie C riley !

Teri--Thank you for your support

Libby--I like that

Rae-Ann--My wits have been dulled for months--I feel for ya

Eatmisery--LOL--I can steal the job!!

CULAYTA--I'm counting on ya Darlin'
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