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Friday, December 22, 2006


Affirmative Action

In the state of Texas we want to have a fair and racially balanced higher educational system. Any student graduating in the top 10% of their High School class is guaranteed admission to The University of Texas. We have had kids from predominately minority schools get in with a 3.1 GPA and a 1000 SAT score-- just because they were in the top 10%. However, kids with 3.99 GPA's and with 1550 SAT scores were turned away because they were in the top 11% of their graduating class. Is this fair?

I need help on how the "NO BS Party" should stand on this matter. Please choose one:

A. Every work place should have a racial make-up the same as its community--including the NBA.

B. We should set aside business and educational opportunities specifically for minorities.

C. No race should get preferential treatment. The world should try to be color blind.

D. There should be at least one white running back in the NFL.

E. Call the Grand Wizard and get the race war started.

...okay, here's my guess...
A - no, because the minorities would say we're 'racial profiling'
B - no...same reason as A...
C - would be MY choice...but since when has anything that made sense become a law?
D - only if we can find one good enough!
E - if the ACLU had its way, we'd already be there!
Good luck with ANY of them! I believe the top 10% provides diversity, but maybe specific stipulations should be required also. For example, top 10% and/or gpa of such and such to be fairer. Fairer? More fair? Good luck with any of them.
I just wanted to wish you a happy and safe holiday!
Hi MM, glad to see you're blogging again!
We kept the faith and your link in place lol. I'll post that your back, since I know a few of your loyal fans.
I pick C. No one should be treated any better than anyone else just because of their skin color. You shouldn't miss out on college , a job or a business loan just because you're white.
Merry Christmas, Mad!
I'll say "C"

Merry Christmas to you. Glad to see you back.
OK--everyone agrees that affirmative action is to be abolished!
I'm for affirmative inaction. It's like those "nature" shows where they don't interfere with nature. And it's natural to self segragate. You don't see lions, hyenas, and zebras riding together. Water and oil even take they're own space. We're all on this same earth and that's mixed enough--just leave it alone and sooner or later we'll all meet at the water hole in peace.
I have no fucking clue.
KNOCK KNOCK!!! It's been near a year and a half and gosh darn it I miss you!!!!
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