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Thursday, November 23, 2006


I Give Thanks

I have known many worldly pleasures in my time. I have committed sins that were certainly worth committing again. I have had some very tender moments with the women I have loved, but there is something more dear to me than life itself.

The look of a new born son cannot be surpassed by any other moment in my life. To raise these two boys to manhood was a gift that they gave me. These two young men do not even realize how thankful I am to have them both here back home with me today. They sleep, they laugh, they complain of work and school. I just watch, listen, and be all so thankful.

I hope all of blog land can be so happy.

I give thanks too. When your sons become fathers they will understand. I hope you're feeling well and had a great Thanksgiving!
madman...you know how many people there are who don't look at their kids like this...that's really sad.
I give thanks every time I look into my son's and my daughter's eyes. They've made me a better person.
I know what you mean, it's like when you look at them, they are so inocent....Be well madman!
We all have sins... I am thankful for finding this site! :)
Aw, that was really nice, Mad.
Its been awhile and who could not wish you well. Cool beans Madman!
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