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Monday, September 18, 2006


A Request Post For Culayta

Morphine is wonderful----most of the time. A nurse started my iv on Saturday and it took her four stabs before she found a vein. Most of my veins have long rolled over and died from years of living on liquids through the arm. They are supposed to change spots every three days---but seven days latter all were still afraid to attempt the impossible. The iv was never changed.

Seven days latter it was the next Saturday at three a.m., and I knew I would be checking out in 12 hours. I was hungry. I used my silver tongue to talk a pretty young aid to sneak me a pack of cookies from the vending machine. She also brought me two cups of chocolate ice-cream---just because I was "sweet."

An hour later I was in horrible pain. I asked for a shot of morphine. It had been over 8 hours since my last shot. I was hoping I wouldn't need another injection because I felt my vein almost about to blow earlier.

I asked, "Can I take it in the hip?"

I could not---only through the iv ---the doctor's orders.

I winched the minute the drug hit my blood stream. My vein popped immediately. I rolled my head to the side and asked her to push it slow. I could feel the burn painfully spread though my entire fore arm. It hurt like a bitch---but I knew I would be higher than hell in a few minutes. When the nurse left I rocked back and forth in agony for over 20 minutes. Then I heard the click.

Usually morphine lets me rest easy. I want to die with a little too much of the stuff someday--but Saturday was different. Somehow by spreading in my arm--it was a disturbing feeling. Everytime I shut my eyes I was surrounded by all my dead relatives sitting in rocking chairs. I wasn't glad to see them.

This went on for about four hours until my wife showed up. I begged her for two of my vicodins and then I slept until check out time. It was a long strange trip.

So---I am become a boorish blogger with this sick shit. Next post is about something a little different.

It sure sounds like you've been through hell and back. I hope things get better for you. Although, morphine does kick ass when you really need it.
You're never boring... Glad you're back.
I am honored! Hope to hear from you more frequently!
how in the hell could you think you're boring us?? no way!! we love ya, madman!
Bro, put the drugs down and follow me around the world aight? www.michaelmccaw.com hook a brother up and book mark me. I'm heading to asia for 3 weeks tonight. I promise good pics and videos. And get better bro. Long time no talk. I'm living in Africa now instead of Iraq. Things are getting better.
aw i feel for ya MM you'll get through all this!
Man, that sounds pretty rough. I never liked morphine after my surgeries. It made me itch like the devil! Maybe it was just too low a dose. Take care of yourself!
I'm still pissed of at my last man for throwing away my father's liquid morphine. Bastard. Keep posting, we miss you!
You know the other day, my friend and I were discussing George Burns. He lived to be over 100, drinking, smoking and womanizing all the way. How? He avoided stress...that's the killer. I tried that and then realized I'm not as wealthy as George and had to go back to working and stressing.

Really hope you're feeling better soon - and no, not boorish one bit. Be well.
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