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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Was It A Dream?

It must have been the morphine--it had to have been. I really thought the pain had woken me---but surely I was still sleeping. I screamed out loudly, "God !! Please just take me now! I hurt!"

I'm not a religious person---but pain sometimes makes me wish I were. I looked down towards my bare belly and saw the hallucination. It was a six inch angel dressed in white, complete with the wings, standing north of my navel. I'll be damned if she didn't look and sound exactly like Rosie Perez. She pointed at a round white ivory button that somehow was implanted in the center of my chest.

Then I heard her heavy Hispanic accent, "If you want to go-- all you have to do is push that button----BUT THINK ABOUT IT HARD-----you ain't been as good as you think you have!"
Then she vanished---leaving me alone with the button and a decision to be made. I thought about what she said. I was tempted to push away---but I decided to go back to sleep.

It seemed so real. It must have been the morphine.

BUTT FUCK---It looks like I'm going to live another decade or two. Ho-Humm.

Damn you better save me some, sounds like fun.
geez...great to see you back...and i'm glad you didn't push the button!! i'm surprised it wasn't "the red button"...you know, in the bugs bunny cartoon...."never, ever push the RED button!!" ok, maybe you don't know it...
Intense bro. You gotta try to find a way out of this mess. The internet may have people that have the same kind of thing and hopefully posted homemakable cures or something.

I have a chronic problem with a painful 'gout' thing, but after searching the net for people with similar symptoms, I am cured now. When it starts to come on I just drink some vineger and some baking soda concoction, and BOOM, the upheavel is suppressed and goes away--maybe your thing has a simple solution too.

Or you can ask the Angel to build an internal chemical factory so you're body can use it to heal itself. Or you can become a Monk. Those guys know how to block out pain man.

Good luck. And beware the singing Angel if she shows up. Resist her offers at all cost.
For the love of God! Its about time you came back. Hit the buttom a couple times for me morphine is our friend
I hope you're feeling better, we miss you in blogland. I'm with Culayta, the button is your friend.
Hello Madman,

I miss you!!!
Maybe it's just me, but I kind of dig tempting fate sometimes. Next time try the button. I really don't think you're going to hell. It sounds like you're already in it and it can only get better from here. I wish I could help! (not pushing the button, but helping you feel better)
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