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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Heaven or Hell?

Ding Dong the dick is dead. Ken Lay avoided prison by having a heart attack----the pussy!! I have spoken to God and he has decided to use this blog as an instrument of determination. Ken has asked Jesus to forgive him for destroying the retirement of many---and fucking with the 401 k of countless others. Jesus has done so---but God is unsure of doing likewise. It is up to you people to determine this former Enron leaders fate. Do you vote Heaven or Hell????

After reading the first line I thought you were going to say Castro or Kim Jong Ill was dead. Then it turned out to be some other idiot from Enron.

Since he didn't actually murder like the other two asswipes I've already mentioned I'd say he's going to Heaven. As long as he asked for forgivness before he got there and ment it.
He won't go to Hell. Christians are allowed to steal, kill, and what have you, as long as they do it as a Christian DUH! Ken Lay was just that. God figures those people didn't need their retirement money as much as Lay needed a beautiful home in Aspen CO and a few more million in his bank accounts. Lay was a good Christian that figured no big deal, poor people are losers that don't need money anyway God will provide for them.
He should have went to the big guy first. I vote Mr. Lay goes to hell.

"Mr. Lay Goes to Hell" sounds like a great title for a book or movie.
My vote is for neither.
I think he should be reborn and commanded to live out his life as a mail boy for some Fortune 500 company and his salary should be approximately $1.00 an hour. Oh and everyone's life that he screwed up at Enron...they should all be working for the Fortune 500 company as well...and be able to kick him in the balls twice a day too.
But that's just me.
I vote Hell. He'll have Hitler, Nixon and countless others to scam in his free time.
I vote Hell. He'll have Hitler, Nixon and countless others to scam in his free time.
I say clean him up and send him to Islam Heaven. He can be someone's 72nd Virgin.
I kinda like Boobless brigade Master's idea.
Hmmm.... tough one. How about reincarnation? He should definitely be reincarnated as something gross, like a dung beetle or somethin.
It does not matter how we vote. I believe most would have like to have seen him have to work to pay back every penny that he took but we dont get that chase. Scrubbing the bathroom at a truck stop would have lowered him a peg or two. I hope when I die only God votes on where I go cause if not its gonna be hot.
His hell will be personalized just to fit his crimes. If it's being reincarnated to a lowly service position or burning in a pit isn't really important. He won't be going to Heaven though. Christians are only forgiven when they are sincere.
hell.. hell... hell..

I think thats three votes.
HELL! i LOVE vince's idea too! he didn't kill prople, he killed their futures!
I am thinking he should be reborn as a fly and spending his short life buzzing around a pile of cow shit.

(It's funnier if you imagine it with an Indian accent. And I am a bit rusty...)
Hell... and not the pretty white collar corner of hell... I'm talking daily anal rape hell.
Mad, it's been since July 5th. Don't you think you need to come back now? You know you miss us. C'mon. Admit it, we complete you.

Now get your butt back here and post something!
knock knock... anyone home? How's your health? Please ome bak and update and let us know whether you're okay...
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