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Friday, June 30, 2006


She Won't Leave Me Alone

My Ex-Assistant does not like the way our new girl dresses. The dress code says nothing about exposed cleavage. It says "no un-professional or inappropriate dress."

Does anyone consider big cleavage wrong on an office???
It doesn't bother me or my manager.

The only time big cleavage is wrong in the office is if it's a dude.
Vince hit the nail on the head.
Big cleavage is a part of the workplace like three-martini lunches and banging the secretary at the Christmas party...

Good to see you back!
Hmmmmm...couldn't care less about cleavage...other than my own at the moment.
If I remember correctly, however, a nicely built man in tight dress pants (jeans on Friday's are even better)can seriously help a girl get through her work week.
I know that wasn't the original topic, I'm just sayin'.
well, mm, those of us who have minimal cleavage are usually only bothered by it when...the one who owns it sticks it right in our faces!! otherwise, i'm fine with being 'streamlined'!!
Cleavage is totally wrong in the workplace. It makes us cleaveless women jealous! No fair.
Cleavage, wrong, no. But, big cleavage is a no-no if you're over 25. I don't care who you are, if you wear a bra that's two sizes too small and you've got the 4 titty thing workin for ya, that's just gross! If they look o.k. and aren't sagging to her knees to where she has to wear a bra 2 sizes too small in order to hold them thangs up, who cares?
My comment is gone. Happy 4TH!
That depends on if the cleavage that's showing belongs to an over weight bitch that wants to offend you by showing off her fat rolls along with the cleavage.
That depends, can you see nipple? Because if you can it's definately inappropriate.

Glad your back, btw. :)
Should be more of it! Tits help a guy destress - it's a proven fact I read once in one of those Yugoslavian medical journal things. So ladies, help me and every other guy destress and cleavage up. It's for the good of mankind after all.
For those of us who have been blessed since we were thirteen...sometimes you can't help it so you might as well make it attractive!
Cleavage is good. More cleavage is better. As a manager, I might draw the line at nipples. Then again...
Where are the pix so we can truly make an informed decision?
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