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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The Flag Amendment

Now it's not that I don't love the flag---but aren't there more important things to do? This administration is so worried about fags bumping dick heads and commie radicals burning flags--they aren't working on the real problems-- like the price of gas, global warming, health care cost, prescription drugs, THE KOREANS, 11 million illegal aliens, AMERICAN OBESITY, keeping drugs like viox off the market, lobbyist bribing congress, securing Social Security and Medicare, and having an exit strategy fron Iraq!

After fixing these problems---then by all means, pass the fuckin 28th amendment if it floats your boat!

YAY!!! MADMAN'S BACK!! (you like us, you really like us!)
and i'm so with you on all the stuff you listed...
Gas will only go up, I never see it going down again. I'd say get used to it.

Global warming is a crock of shit. Really it is, do some research.

With health care costs, you get what you pay for.

Drugs should be cheaper and they should allow everyone to buy them from Canada if they want to.

We should bring back the draft and invade North Korea.

Shoot all illegal aliens and the ones that live should have to build the wall on the boarder.

The Gov't has nothing to do with fat Americans. You have the choice to eat as much or as little as you want.

All politicians are corrupt

And for Social Security and Medicare, I don't know. I'm too young to give a shit. I'm saving up just in case they are both gone by the time I'm that age.
I pretty much agree with dod firefighter about those other issues, but you're right that Congress should be working on things besides the flag amendment. You know they gave themselves a raise too. Assholes.
we've got some issues like that here too....The Liberals are considering scrapping Ontario’s emblem (the trillium) in favour of something new...it's going to cost a load of cash!

Makes NO sense to me, why waste money on something thats been fine for decades, when OTHER issues need tending to and need the money more!!
Am I to understand you think the government should control gas and healthcare prices? Correct me if I am wrong but I thought we lived in a capitalists society of supply and demand.
Oh, and they should keep people thin and fit too? I have an idea. Why don't we all just get cameras in our home so they can regulate what we eat and do. Yeah, and then we can let the government set gas station prices and doctor fees more than they already do. As for social security and medicare, here's a thought, people can actually SAVE for their future instead of buying that big screen plasma and new car every three years.
Oh, but all that is the governments job. Personally, I think they have their asses in quite enough thankyouverymuch.
Christine--I'm all for supply and demand --but I am against price fixing and monoplies. As far as fitness---I think laws should be inacted to have our schools stop making a profit off selling junk snacks and cokes to kids. Fuck the adults who already bought into the junk food life style. As far as social security and medicare---if I had taken the money they TOOK from me over the last 45 years and invested it any good mutual fund I would have millions---so they took my money and made a promise. So fix the fucking problem and stop dicking around with a flag amendment.

BEEZALEEZ--Damn it--I hate the far right and the far left--their judgement is clouded

RAE-ANN--I can't understand why I like you so much---but I do

DOD--Even some of Bushes people are now wanting to address Global Warming . How about we shoot the politicians and draft the illegal aliens an min wage?

LIBBY--I have always liked you darlin
It doesn't matter if Bush's people are saying it's something to worry about, the fact is global warming is a crock of shit. It's a normal earch cycle. Antarctica used to be warmer and had almost no snow or ice now it's covered. It's the hottest since jesus walked the earth, well guess what he lived through it, then it cooled off, now it's that hot again. It's a crock of shit.

ILLEGAL is the key word. They should all be shipped back or DO THE RIGHT THING and become a US citizen LEGALLY. Deport the bastards, I'm all for the minutemen on the boarder and our military. Anyone that supports a min wage should have to pay it out of their own pocket. That's the way I see it.
Welcome back! Hope all is well.

Yes, the Gov't has WAY better things to worry about than this shit. I think it's part of the administration's attempt to make anyone who doesn't agree with the undeclared war in Iraq look unpatriotic, etc.

It's all about information warfare. Politicians in general don't really care about fixing anything or getting anything substantive done; they just care about power and looking/seeming good while wielding it...and enlisting more citizens to their "causes."
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