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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Traveling Man


I have another vacation coming up the end of September. I will have 15 days to go anywhere in the world. (except the US or it's territories for tax purposes) I've already been to England, Ireland, Wales, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, and the U.A.E. Where do you think I should go on my next vacation? (Budget is around $6,500 US)


Rich Traveler

Dear Rich Traveler,

I think a wholesome country would be appropriate for a young man like yourself. The place where the 4H Club first appeared would be good. Amsterdam is home of Hookers, Heroin, Hashish, and good Hootch. Have fun my friend--and enjoy the Red Light District! With $6500.00 you can have some Fucking Fun and a High Old Time.

Madman's Advice Blog

Come to Australia. Where the women are friendly and the rainforests are easy to get lost in.

Wait, maybe it's the other way around...
Yes, go to Australia, and take ME with you
First off if it is a DOD job, I have heard that things changed and how many days you spend in the U.S. per year won't count against you tax wise. I'm still double checking that myself. If the rich traveler doesn't work for DOD (or one of it's contracts), nevermind. :)

If it were me I would go to France or Italy, or both!
Great Advice! Can I go, can I go!!!
If you're straight, go on a gay cruise to the Caribbean and pull a Cuba Gooding Jr. (Boat Trip) The girls will go nuts over you.

If you're gay, then go on a gay cruise to the Caribbean and pull a twist (pretend your're straight and got booked on the wrong cruise.) You'll be the most popular 'convert' on the trip. They'll go bananas over you.

Either way, bring a camera in case you spot Tom Cruise--you can make millions by proving he's gay.
My co worker went to Amsterdam. Then he went back. That's where I'd go if I had a vacation to waste.
If you go to Amsterdam I want to go too!
I agree with MM Amsterdam is the place to go. Don't forget your camera you'll need to take lots of photos so you can see what (or who) you can't remember you did.
If you come to Ohio you can tip cows. That's a good time....well....if you're drunk enough. And if you don't mind finding cow poop on your shoe next day.

Second thought, stick to Amsterdam.
Mad, I linked you at the cowpie field. Is that ok? (she asked, after the deed was done)
i vote for australia, too! & take me, please???
and you'll love it for one reason...prostitution is legal there!
I'm going to Austrailia next week, I did not know prostitution was legal there, thanks Libby--they did not tell me that in my travel guide man...
Go to Mexico....the exchange rate is $1.00 for 11.087 Pesos!
ALMIGO--just getting lost on some kind of forrest sounds fun

ME--I'm certain you will be invited

KAT--Italy maybe---but France is for pussies!

VINCE--LMAO--advice for all sexual prefrences--could be a new blog

CRABCAKE--I want to knock a cow down. I'm honored that you linked me--I read your orgasm post. WOW!

LIBBY--good choice--but the dope is not as good..

RLB--nice suggestion--but the prisons are awfull down south. It makes the dope smuggling not as fun.
ROXIMOON,all win the BAT(Best Advice Today) . Amsterdam sounds like almos Heaven.
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