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Friday, April 07, 2006


Howard Stern And A Free Ride

My boss bought on of those portable satellite radios. Every morning he brings it in and forces the entire office to listen to Howard Stern. Do you think I could make money by suing my company for being forced to listen to that vulgarity?


Dear Peeved,

I am surprised you can even hear Howard's broadcast. The sound must be very muffled with your head so far up your ass! Why should you get free money just because you don't like a radio show!? I do have a suggestion that will help your situation. A frontal lobotomy would calm your ass down--you don't seem to be using your brain anyway.

Madman's Advice Blog

Two words: Ear plugs.
People sue too easy these days. If you want him to stop playing it, just don't get any work done while it is on. Oh, and laugh loudly and annoyingly the whole time it is on.
you are so good at giving advice madman..
If you don't like Howard Stern or don't find him even just a little funny it's time to check yourself into the looney bin.

I can only imagine what makes this guy laugh.... Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he's a faggot like the guy who asked MM the question.
Howard Stern is obnoxious but you can't sue, that's just idiotic.

Get an mp3 player and listen to your own stuff, that should do the trick, or at least help.
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Dear Peeved, you should have to chip in for the pleasure of listening to good ol' Howard you cheap bastard!!!
I love my Sirius Satellite Radio and the real Howard that I get to listen to.

Now as for your reader, is Peeved the same old lady (or relative thereof) who burned her freaking legs because she didn't know that hot coffee was hot? Shit! Get the fuck over it! It's words. Why doesn't Peeved sue his/her parents for bringing him/her up to believe the world is fair you can have it your way. This isn't Burger King dammit...unless that's where he/she works....
I hate stupid questions. I hate stupid questions about the industry I work in and enjoy (Radio) even more.

So, can I sue this guy for having to read his letter? The damage it has caused was horrendous. I was reading it when I let off a stinky fart of death and killed the neighbours dog by accident. All because of his letter. He owes me a lot of money for the pain (it smelt really really bad) and my neighbour a new dog.
You could always bring your own radio and earphones...
Just go kick his fuckin' ass. It's cheaper, more sensible, and more fun than suing :-)
Who's Howard Stern?
VINCE--LOL-why didn't he think of that?

KAT--I agree totally


DOD--Harsh--but funny

CHACKLER--obnoxsious--Howard Stern?;-)

R--now I got a belly laugh from that!!FUNNY

ALMIGO--I have read about those silent but deadly dog-killing-farts. I hope my blog is not included in your lawsuit???

RAE-ANN--that would be too simple for the brain damaged or money hungry.

CARLOS--LMAO--I have the feeling the boss would kick this cry baby's ass!

MR-G--you win the BAT (Best Advice Today)--the Burger King Remark put you over the top!!
If I had to listen to stern every morning, I might consider trying to fit my head into my ass. I don't mind watching it at 3am though... it beats infomercials.
peeved...lighten up!! howard stern IS funny (sometimes, anyway) if you're doing your job right, you won't have time to listen, anyway!!
has anyone ever actually told the bossman that they don't want to listen to howard stern??

That could be a good start.... he may be under the impression that everyone is just loving the radio show.
Dear Peeved...

It must have been a shock to you when you found out your mother was also your sister, but with the exception of the porn stars with power tools show, Stern has been nothing but wholesome since cumming onto Sirius.

Because of your ignorant question P, i won't even e-mail Sirius and ask them for a week's refund since Stern is on vacation ALREADY!!!

[Besides GW...How many people START a job & get a vacation without even putting in six months???]
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