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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Gone To The Beach

Will be back next Wednesday

You bum. Where the hell am I going to get advice from for the next week? You should have had a guest blogger.
you DOG!! i wanted to go too!! wahhhhh!!
damn! Can you smuggle me along? I sooooo need a vacation.
Yeah, like dod said. I'm pretty certain Ann Landers sister passed out advice when she was "at the beach".

Jese Madman!!! I hope you get sunbruned! and sand in your shorts!! ;)
Hope you brought your snorkel gear and fins--and laptop!
Yes indeed that is a great question, as I've always been a fan of big tits too. Maybe a nice compliment is in order before you sample the goods 'excuse me, I couldn't help but notice that you have exceptional breasts....' is always a good start.

Good luck.

Wait...there was no question was there?
It's bad enough you turned our 3 day weekend into 4 days, but then you go and take today off too! Bastard! Enjoy your time in the sun. Don't even think of calling in here sick Tuesday!!!
Sorry just following Roxi's example! I could have called you a fucker..lol I am working on being nicer to people....;) Have a great time!!
Wait.....I was following the ex-assistants example. I also need to work on my reading skills!
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Who's this asshole spammer? Someone should cut his balls off.
which beach???????????
Beach? In Texas? You guys have a beach? No Shit! That's cool.
Hope you're having fun!
damn and I actually wanted advice myself today lol
MM what's the deal man, it's 4am Wed. here in Baghdad. I demand you start giving advice again. I am suffering from withdrawls already.
Yes--I am an asshole, a bitch , and a bum--but I had fun while you folks had to work!!LMAO!!
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