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Wednesday, April 19, 2006



Novidades no orkut Notamos a aceitação que o orkut tem tido entre as pessoas por issu estamos com novidades no orkut.
O usuário agora pode modificar o visual do seu orkut, pode colocar smiles em seu nome, alem de desponibilizar mais segurança pedindo uma segunda senha, para isso basta instalar um plugin do orkut click aqui e faça download.

Someone help this poor Bastard. He emailed me for advice and I can't understand a fucking word he wrote!!!

Madman's Advice Blog

Holy Crap! I think I saw this guy marching 2 weeks ago in Phoenix.......'nuff said....good luck! via con dios.......
Holy fuck Miguel, you say she wants you to put it where? She's a kinky little tamale for sure! By all means please go right ahead, after all you did ask where she wanted you to put it and she replied so what are you waiting for? Grab it with both hands and stick it in there deep. I suggest a little 30w motor oil on the body of the fucker first because as much as it might look like it'll fit, you'll find yourself stuck halfway without something to help ease it in.
Don't ask me how to get the fucking thing out of there though, I have no idea although maybe if you trying reving it up a little first and easing off the choke it might help. Good luck.

Oh and for the record, I find the following very helpful: Hari ini saya ingin berbicara grup kersayang ini musum umun! Ha ha ha ha, I fucking kill myself at times.
Je ne suis pas bilingue, mais n'importe qui peut feindre pour être avec Babelfish.altavista.com.
blah, blah, blah No speako Espanolo.
nine parler espanol
haha...Qué el jode???

I love this whole multilingual thing you've got going on here MM!!
New features in orkut Notamos the acceptance that orkut has had enters the people for issu is with new features in orkut. The user now can modify the appearance of its orkut, can place smiles in its name, alem of desponibilizar more security asking for one second password, for this plugin of orkut is enough to install one click and makes download here.

this is the direct translation from babel fish..

its in portuguese

fucking fucknut..
ummm, i'm lost here...disregard this fucker, this is an English-speaking site, dude!!
LOL! Hilarious!
Just make something up!!
It's not even a question. It is a statement about some brazilian bullshit!
I knew it I knew it was Portuguese! Though I think that babelfish translation is incorrect. I showed this to my friend who is fluent in Portuguese and according tohim it says:

"Dear Madman,

My friends make fun of me because I can suck myself off. You see, I'm quite flexible and autofellatio always came rather naturally.

Do you think this is a Godless unnatural act like my friends, parents, teachers and clergy tell me? If you like, I'll send you a picture of me that you can download and judge for yourself."

Now, maybe you can give him the advice he needs....
It's obvious, he can't decide wether to okcut or not orkut.
Don't orkut dude!
Why would he ask advice here. Are you sure this isn't el spammo?
He is saying, "I have effed your sister and found it to be a palatable experience."
I espeako Portagee (as they say in New England). He's saying:

“Eees there a proctologist een the house? I deedn't theenk the gerbil would crawl een that far. And he’s still alive! Eeet teeekles and I can’t sheeet!! Aieeeeee!!!”


Querido Portugeek:

I recommend baiting a mousetrap with an oxygen mask and shoving it (very carefully), up your shitpipe. Make sure to affix a string (not twine or barbed wire you sick fuck) to the trap to facilitate easy removal of the contraption and vermin corpse. Oh, and It may make things a little easier if you use a rectal speculum. (Easier on the rodent that is. Your sphincter is probably already hideously agape).

Once the varmint has been captured, you can use the string to carefully extract trap and gerbil. Then mail the entire package to President George W. Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500. Think of something snappy to include in a note.
If I could do that I would never leave the house!
I know what fubar is. I hear that one all the time.

I do believe I can decipher the rest also.

Oh yes. I can help him.

Dear Fubar,
keep rubbing it. It will grow.
Don't rub for too long though, you might make a mess and it'll shrink back, wasting the effort...
Why would anyone who can suck himself off go bragging about it to anyone, much less his family and clergy? If you can do that no one wants to know.
madman, where are you?
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