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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Engagement Time


I am thinking of proposing to my girlfriend. How can I be sure she is the right one?


Dear Unsure

Well---I can't really tell you if she is the right one. However, I can give you five warning signs if she is the wrong one:

1. If she goes through your wallet while you are having sex.
2. If she was ever crowned Miss. PMS.
3. If she gets calls late at night that start with, "Hello--I got this number above the urinal..."
4. If she ever laughs and tells you, "you ain't gotta use a rubber---you couldn't give me anything I ain't already got!"
5. If she tells you your cock tastes sweeter than your brother's...

Madman's Advice Blog

MM: Please do not tell everyone that this is why I fell in love with this woman. They might think I'm ...not right. Thanks dude I knew you could keep a secret. JW
To find out if she's the right one for you, put her through the Living Colour 'Love rears it's ugly head test'.

Only marry her if:

She plays the role of having sense while you always play the fool.

You go out late and she never complains or calls.

Your friends get frightened and don't know what's going on.

Your friends think she put a spell on you and now your mind is gone.

When you seperate you almost want to cry.

If she passes all that, marry the woman. It's true love if you have a pearl of sweat nightmare about her looking as good as she's ever gone get and you having a collar full of starch on your big day.
Do the "Cliff Test" -- Imagine all the people you love, hanging by their fingertips over a steep cliff. You only have enough time to save one person. If you save your girlfriend without hesitation, then she's the right one to marry. If you can't decide, then you still have time to screw around.
If you have to question it, shes not the one. When you find THE ONE you wont have to think about it, you'll just know!
However you may be commitment phobic...in which case try to picture how life would be with her and then without her. If you enjoy the freedome, its not that time yet. If you can't see your life without her and want to make it forever...do it!
Bro, if she pops your zits on your back you KNOW you got the right one.
...well, you could always hint around for her to ask YOU!!
You have to figure out why you're unsure. But I tend to agree with beezaleez. If you aren't sure it's definitely not time to go spending a bunch of money on a ring. And you know you can't propose without a ring....
If u have to ask...she ain't the one!
DON'T DO IT!!! Never, no, you will regret it, maybe not now...but later, fawget aboud it!! Can you folks tell I don't believe in ball-n-chain?
I have to agree that if you have ot ask someone especially MM then she is probly not right lol :P but hey The firefighter is right a woman who pops you zits is a keeper :P
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