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Thursday, March 16, 2006


The Right To Re-Produce??

Hey Madman!
Got a question for ya. Is it considered a civic duty to step up and intervene when 2 completely dysfunctional people are deciding to procreate? Eventually my tax dollars will go to these pathetic beings, so, is it my right to protect those tax dollars wherever I possibly can? And, no, there is no relation to either party involved.

Mrs. U.S.A. Citizen

Dear Mrs. USA Citizen,

I am thinking you are a bit self-centered--OR you have never watched the show on the Discovery Channel called "Dirty Jobs Only Dysfunctional Retards Would Take." One guys job was to actually taste raw-sewage before, and after, it was treated---just to see if all the shit taste was gone. So--We need these people. I realize a few of these big-foreheaded off-spring sometimes take government handouts---but 40% of these pea-brains actually are persuaded to vote Republican! NO SHIT!


actually, mm, possibly some of those fore-mentioned 'big forehead pea brains' could actually come in handy for some of those "dirty jobs", right?
Sex is complicated. If they can figure it out, then they ought to be able to do it. I know of a normal couple who went to a fertility clinic after 8 years marrage and discovered they needed to have sex to have a baby. They were 'normal', but religious.
I'm more worried about Mrs USA than the two others, is your sex life so stale that you're instead focusing on the humping antics of those not so clever as the rest of us? I have a solution that could fit a whole host of problems.

Get out and get laid.

When he or she hits your G, H, I and J spots repeatedly you really won't give a fuck about the mentally challenged bumping uglies. Or anything else aside from 'where did I put my smokes?' when it's all over.

Again, get out and get laid. There's plenty of videos on the subject if you can't remember what happens.
um...why would anyone care what sewage tastes like before and after treatment?
You have to respect the right to privacy, and respect the right for 2 ugly dumb people to have a child. Plus as madman said a bunch of them will vote republican, if you really give a rats ass about your taxes you would vote for the R every time you hit the ballet box. At least they won't jack your taxes up and give free hand out's to the rejects of society.
p.s we need those rejects so we can say "well some people have it worse" and it will actually be true.

also some people need them because it makes them feel better about themselves lol
Who knows, the offspring might be very intelligent, kinda like two ugly people breeding and having a beauuuutiful child!! I say knock boots.. oh and vote republican!
Why would we want to eliminate society of one of our favorite past times, people watching?

I know I have been guilty of being the "dysfunctional individual" providing entertainment to on-lookers. In turn giving me the right to particpate in my favorite past time of being provided the entertainment of watching and laughing at the "dysfunctional".

Leave the "dysfunctional" alone Mrs. Perfect Citizen.
Libby--put em all to work!

Vince--LMAO! What religion was that??

ALMIGO--Your soloution to all the worlds problems is getting laid? Hmmmm--it may work!

DOD--If we could get all the people taking handouts to vote aginst handouts...

Whistler--Knock boots?LOL-- you is a Texan!

R--that WOULD ruin my trips to the mall--I certainly don't go to hold my wife's purse!
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ROCK PS--it may be pathetic--but we do feel a little better knowing it could be worse!LOL

Youu win the BAT (Best Advise Today)
MM--It was a couple in Germany, Catholics. They were both fertile and when they were asked about their sex habits, they did not know what that was...
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