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Monday, March 13, 2006


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Madman, king of all answers...

When men use the restroom, they wash their hands after they shake the dew off the lily. I would think men would want to wash their hands BEFORE they touch their precious tool of love, that way everything is nice and sparkling clean. What says you?

Mrs. Clean.

Dear Mrs. Clean,

I say that would be a bit redundant---that's what Blow-Jobs are for.


Men wash thier hands? That's news to me. I've never seen it. At any rate, showers and or hand washing is for pussy's. Take it from a real man. ;)
mm...dick washing is MUCH more important than hand washing in that situation!! get real!
I say Mrs. Clean may want to start her own business holding and shaking the tool for the man and then they don't have to wash before or after and you could make a buck.
Mrs. Clean needs to spend less time talking about it and more time cleaning one. Shoot how doggy, time's awastin'!!
Most men simply don't care that much. Nice to hear the men you know even remember to wash their hands after the fact! Thankfully my boyfriend washes his hands afterwards...I have a thing about people not washing their hands!
Well, Johnson and Mr. Asshole share the same tent, so Johnson is never really clean anyway. She ought to just carry around some Hand sanitzer if she's that concerned...
I wash my penis alot, scrub scrub...
It only gets funnier!!!
That's like waxing your car before you take the dirt off it. Why the fuck would you want to wax your dirt? Who turns up to a car show WITH SHINY F'N DIRT? Show me the retard who won the car competition for having the dirtiest waxed car in the lot?
Besides, every drop of water you waste kills nine billion fish or some shit so think of the fish and wash your hands after holding your weapon of mass destruction steady, after you've siphoned out the penis poison (hold your flow back long enough and it hurts, you get my point) not before.

Oh and wash your car before waxing too.
"dew off the lily", "precious tool of love"?? We are talking about dick here, right??

I'm betting there are many men who don't even bother to shake, let alone wash before, after, or any other time.
This is stupid. Hand washing or not.....it is dirty!..........The End!....Period!...lol
Ew, no dirty dicky is going in this mouth. Yuck.
I have total penial envy. I would just sit and play with it all day. Stroke and wash it. Stand naked in front of a mirror and swing back and forth so it would smack my leg.....sorry I got carried away.
Oh I forgot, after all that I'd let someone suck it and clean it off.....
I wash my hands first!
Since when are guys all that picky about what touches their dick?? Of course, that's just my observation on the subject.
Laughing...gotta breath...oh my gosh this is great...

Thanks madman (mrs. clean)
DOD--Do you wash after sex--or do ya just wipe it on the drapes?


LIBBY--I prefer to have it blow dried

R--Nice career move

BEEZALEEZ--we care--we are just a bit lazy

VINCE--wonderful point

JOSH--you could write a childrens book!!

Whistler--and stranger

Almogo--nice metaphor! You should consider poetry--that was elegant

KAT--I'll take that bet! Shaking is fun!

RLB---you need to see a few more before being so general! LOL


EX--that was funny--errr---and we all do that!

Mark--in public AND IN PRIVATE???LOL

Sherri--I will give you that

Chackler (MRS.CLEAN)--Damn--these are anonymous!!
ME wins the BAT award!(Best Advice Today)--but Almigo was close
WOOHOO!! not only do i win, but i get to be close to Almigo too! Thanks MM, ready for your bath? oops
Close to ME? ROCK ON! I've been trying to get into her pants ever since she first crossed my pimp path and now I'm even closer! Thanks Madman!
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