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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Another Change Is Coming

First---Please email your pics for the Blogger Beauty Contest if you haven't already. Thank you for those of you who have already done so.

Recently a newly weded warehouseman asked for some advice from me. This seems to happen all the time. I guess I just put out that wise and fatherly vibe. This is how the conversation went:

WM: My wife just doesn't seem to enjoy sex. I want to make her happy---but she just won't tell me what she likes.

ME: Well---it's important that you get her to open up now---these kind of things can lead to trouble. I ,of course, have never had this kind of trouble, but this is what you need to do. Get her roaring drunk where her inhibitions are way down. Fuck her short and quick. Roll off her mean like and tell her 'you sure are a lousy lay---and damn you could sure benefit from some of those pussy exercises.' Now at that point I promise you she'll tell you all the things you're doing wrong in the sack. She might even tell you about your little dick---but at least you'll know where you stand.

Well---after saving that marriage--I have decided to share my wisdom with the world. Right after the Blogger Beauty Contest, the name of my blog will change to "Madman's Advice Blog" . The url will remain the same. So if anyone needs help---I'm here for you dudes or dudettes! Just email your problems to madmaniscrazy@hotmail.com . If I can't help--I'll make some shit up!

I think the new blog will be fun.
Tell her she is a lousy lay??? With advice like that, how can a guy possibly go wrong?
LOL. You're a regular Dear Abby!
LOL! I can't wait!
Oh lord, I can't wait for this.
Remind me to never, ever, ask for personal advice again. That is to funny, I hope he takes the advice tonight so he'll be sporting two black-eyes and a busted lip tomorrow........
are you Dr Phil in disguise??
Oh, excellen! I could use an expert to solve all my problems.
LOL "if i can't help i'll make some shit up"


good thing we're getting this advice for free!!!

thanks madman!
I love yer blog MM, can't wait for the new one.. Oh I'll have some questions for ya as well. As far as the advice you gave the guy, well does this work vice versa for women?
Ahhh, the male version of Dear Abby, Dear Madman: :)
Ys--It was classic advice

Kat--I slept with Abby--she was a lousy lay

Mel--me too!

Chackler--me too! me too!

Libby--Yes--yes I am.

Sherri--I am the problem solver guy

Rock--I may ask for donations if I get into legal trouble.

Whistler--WELL--the male ego is a fragile thing dear!

R--I'll beat the hell out of her advice
Sounds like great advice to me.
Sounds like a winner!! (LOL)
Oh, I fucking LOVE this idea. And even better - I have tons of questions. I will be emailing shortly. Promise no spam - just pure unadulterated stupid bloggish questions that MUST be answered or else all man kind may suffer....

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