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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I ain't takin them shots no MORE!

Sorry for the time away from blog land. Those shots shot my blood sugar into some dangerous levels. I am now taking insulin shots before each meal. I am OK now--but someone shoulda told me the steroid epidurals could have an adverse affect on a diabetic. I now hate Doctors along with Lawyers, thieves, and priests. HO-HUM.

I need help. I want to make some New Years resolutions for our congress. This is all I have.

1. Anytime they pass themselves a pay raise--they also will be required to raise minimum wage. If the working poor don't need a raise...

2. Anytime troops are put into harms way---a member of their family should accompany the troops. If my nephew and a fellow blogger can be at risk...

3. As long as our Congress has affordable health... care then any WORKING American should have affordable health care... Are only their kids important enough to keep healthy?

4. When they pass out freebies to able bodied lazy fucks---make those lazy assholes clean some toilets in the roadside parks.

5. When Congress passes confusing legislation like the Medicare "DRUG PLAN" ...make Senators and Congressmen answer the phones explaining the garbage and BS they wrote to women like my 82 year-old Mother! What the fuck were they thinking?????

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