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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Florida Road Trip

Once a year I am required to spend four days in Florida. I have done this every year for the last nine years. It is the strangest place. I am an over-weight, middle-age, mid-management, mid-income type of guy. During the Management meeting I have a chair against the wall, and watch the upper-management discuss what I am supposed to do during the upcoming year. I am never asked to speak--nor am I spoken to, unless they need a quick sales data check. There is no one below me in that conference room until the girl brings in the lunch.

So--I am always amazed at the way I am treated at the parties and restaurants we attend. In Lauderdale a man is what he does and a woman is what she looks like--and because I arrive to one particular restaurant in a limo, that I couldn't even afford the insurance on, I am treated like I do very well. After the seven course meals are over---the lights go way down, and the beautiful young girls, all looking like Hilton sisters, stand on the restaurant's tables and dance. The old men, me included, admire the young healthy legs of the smiling sirens. I can never remember the name of this restaurant---but it always amazes me.

I will be back in Texas Monday.

Sunday, December 04, 2005



The United States Government pays for the Methadone for about 200,000 heroin junkies in order for them not to go through "Cold Turkey." The majority of these people also receive some kind of welfare assistance in order to have means to live on. A substantial proportion of these assholes take a xanax along with the Methadone. The combination of these two drugs has almost the same affect as heroin. So in essence, the United States Government is paying these fuck-ups to sit around and get high. That is their job.

I say make these people with the self inflicted illness pick up trash or mow lawns for their meth. After a day of working the Government could pay them with a sandwich and a daily fix of methadone. If they do a good job all week they could also get a xanax every Friday. If they don't like it---let them go through COLD TURKEY WITHDRAWALS! If we are going to pay people to be junkies---we should get clean streets out of the fucking deal.

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