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Friday, November 04, 2005


Thank You All For The Kind Words

Thank you all for the words you left me and my wife. You will never know how much those comments meant to me.

I do want to post something about the man we buried. To most the Old Man was a carpenter with an average life. He had a wife and raised a family. On the surface he was ordinary, but to me he was one of the heroes of this country. He worked with his hands and he built things. He didn't become rich, but he left homes, offices, and restaurants all over the south that people are still living and working in today, and they will for years to come.

He did business on a word and a handshake, and I saw first hand what happened to men that did not honor that verbal commitment. Courts were not needed in his world. He had men testify at his funeral that he could do the work of any two men. He worked hard and he played hard. He bleed piss and vinegar and would spit in the devils eye---and I saw it more than once. He would settle arguments with his fist, but shake that man's hand when it was settled. Their was nothing cowardly in his bones or his vocabulary. He honored his wife and took care of his children.The Old Man was one of the last of a dying breed--a tough old SOB.

Thank you again. I will catch up with the blog world in the following week.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


My Wife Is Stronger Than I

I could not be there. My wife laid next to him and put her cheek against his, and he passed in her arms.

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