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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Old Man Is Close

Dylan Thomas wrote;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

These were words I was forced to put to memory in High School. Mr. Pearson might as well taught the poem to a manikin. Now my Father-in-law's hour of passing is growing near, these words flow back into my mind like I made a deposit years ago, and the note has finally matured. Now I understand what he tried to say to me---the torment and conflict of wanting someone to stay with you but also wanting the pain to end, is something that cannot be taught in a book.

I will spend this evening calling friends and family. It is time to say our good-byes. We were told it may be weeks, but most likely hours.


Can Music Be Destructive?

Cassarass had a shitty birthday yesterday--now I have never done requests before, but I offered, and it is my blog. She requested I do a post about a Pink Floyd song.

'I Wish You Were Here' is one of my favorite songs and was written about a mentally ill band member that quit Pink Floyd. However, it has a completely different connotation to me.

In the early years of our marriage--my wife and I separated for six months. Since deep wounds sometimes don't completely heal--I won't go into any details. I will say I was lonely during the seperation---but I refused to beg to be allowed to return. It was left up to her when the reunion of our relationship would happen-- if ever. I thought the marriage was over.

I wanted to move on with my life--but every night I would buy some beer and play this song again and again on my portable cassette player. It was like the lyrics had a hold on me and they wouldn't let me continue with my life. I wallowed in pity--but I refused to let others know. I was getting drunk every night--and talking to no one. The song and my behavior were killing me slowly.

One evening I answered a knock on my pay by the week motel door. It was my wife, she said only one thing, "Funs over--time for you to come home."

I didn't argue, and it didn't take me long to pack. I never told her how miserable I was---she may have been experiencing the same thing. I wouldn't wish that on anyone---but I would like to think she was playing the same tune!

Happy Birthday Darlin' ---the story was a bit sad, but had a happy ending.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Amarillo By Morning

I'm just thinking of a fellow Texan, RLB . She had some sad news about a fellow blogger. It is strange how I have never met any of you---as I doubt that RLB ever met her friend, but it seems this forum has given us a touch of humanity that I do not share even with the people on my next block. Has anyone else experienced this line of thought or feelings?

Sunday, October 23, 2005


You Can't Always Get What You Want

I was a mere boy of sixteen when I gave my girlfriend a "promise" ring. The diamond was a bit larger than the head of a pin. The $29.95 Zales ring opened both her heart and her legs. As graduation neared--I was surprised to find my sweet-heart actually thinking it time to set a wedding date. I explained to her that I too wanted to wed---but only after four years of college--and after we had a few bucks in the bank. She wanted to be a wife by the end of that summer---she wasn't happy at home.

I had actually thought I had persuasive powers over that girl--I had always gotten what I wanted when it came to her. I did my best to change her mind when she finally broke it off with me---and my ego still made me think she would come running back to me. It was a heart-ache for me when she did have that wedding at the end of that summer. I wasn't even invited. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised--and it was probably all for the best. I certainly learned not to make a promise without the right intent, but I do wonder why it takes such a hurtful blow for some of us to learn things the hard way. I think she and I both learned that--"You can't always get what you want"......but she tried, and she did get married that summer. Hmmmm---maybe a few can always get what they want.

I had to post--I will read your blogs when I can!


My Apologies

Sorry about the music --and sorry about not being blog active. I have a project at work and will be working 12 hour days and weekends for a couple of weeks. I will try to fix the music and post again then.

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